Motorhome Upholsterer

When it comes to upholstery most people think it refers to the seats of cars, trucks, or recreational vehicles (RVs).  But that’s not all. Upholstery is found on almost every section of a vehicle’s interior.  Upholstery is also found in boats and yachts. Most of the upholstery in cars, trucks, and motorhomes are found in seats, dashboards, interior door panels, headliners, and floors. Typically upholstery used in vehicles is made of fabric, vinyl, or leather. It is essential that you keep the upholstery in your car or motorhome clean and well-maintained for ensuring the longevity of the upholstery.

What Do Motorhome Upholsterers Do?

Professional upholsterers, who work on vehicles, are also referred to as trimmers or coach trimmers have been around when cars were invented. Back then, upholstery and other forms of delicate interior crafts were usually associated with horse-drawn carriages. However, as the auto industry took off many upholsterers started working for the car manufacturers and building customized interiors for wealthy customers. Today, upholsterers are employed by a range of industries including the furniture and boat and yacht manufacturers.

Motorhome Upholstery

If you own a motorhome and planning to upgrade the upholstery and the interior of the vehicle, or just want to protect the furnishings of your new motorhome, or want to improve the overall comfort when driving or sleeping, then this article will be helpful. If your motorhome requires new upholstery or needs to replace the existing fabric, we at Conejo Auto Upholstery, have got just what you need.  At Conejo Auto Upholstery, we have an extensive range of high-quality upholstery foam, fabrics, and linings, including a vast array of colors and designs first hand. Our dedicated staff will provide you with all kinds of assistance to help find something that is ideal for your motorhome and perfectly combines your tastes and needs.Motorhome Upholsterer Thousand oaks

At Conejo Auto Upholstery, we have an impressive collection of materials available for our valued customers to choose from to ensure that their motorhome upholstery project meets both their and their motorhome upholsterers’ expectations and quality standards.  We are fully capable of manufacturing shaped cushions, plain or boxed cushions, as well as buttoned and piped cushions. Furthermore, we are also able to repair zippers that have been damaged by regular wear and tear. If your motorhome needs re-upholstery, be assured that we can render you the best quality motorhome re-upholstery service at an affordable price. All material used and sold at Conejo Auto Upholstery strictly comply with industry standards and fire regulations for maximum safety.

Cover Your Motorhome Cushions

You can strip off your old fabric from the existing cushions, or use new foams. You can also add Dacron Wadding to the foam and later permanently upholster the cushions with upholstery fabrics. There is a vast choice of upholstery fabrics that come in plain, semi-plain, and patterned fabrics in many types of textures.  In addition, the upholstery fabrics also come in faux linens, crushed velvets etc, in a wide range of colors.

Most people get overwhelmed when it comes to repairing or replacing the upholstery in their motorhome. Most motorhome upholsterers ask their customers to leave their motorhomes at their premises, while they work on it. It is convenient for both the clients and the motorhome upholsterers. Furthermore, the motorhome upholsterers can inspect the vehicle and explain to their customers about all the various options open to them and the overall cost associated with it.  The upholsterers also provide reservations options for the upholstery project.

Motorhome Cushion Refilling

At Conejo Auto Upholstery, we provide refilling service to motorhome owners whose cushions have lost their support. If the fabric is in good condition and does not require any replacements, and the cushions are unzipped, our professional motorhome upholsterers will unpick the cushions and refill them with your selected foam, re-sew them good quality replacement linings, and refit them with the provided buttons. The whole process is cost-effective as the customer only has to pay for labor costs and foam expenses.

Motorhome Foam Mattresses

At Conejo Auto Upholstery, we make made-to-measure mattresses for motorhomes. The foam mattresses can be made in any foam grades, thickness and shapes depending on the requirements of the motorhome owner. Want curved, angled and or even chamfered foam mattresses? No problem, our expert motorhome upholsterers have got you covered. In addition to offering motorhome foam mattresses made from a single type of foam, we also provide ‘combination’ mattresses which include foams of different firmness bonded together.

Motorhome Cushion Relining

If you are a motorhome owner, it is common if you find that the existing lining on your motorhome cushions has become baggy, torn, or worn out. Our professional motorhome upholsterers are able to meticulously replace the cushion linings with good quality and hard wearing fabrics.

Motorhome Curtains and Scatter Cushions

Want customized curtains for your motorhome? Our professional motorhome upholsterers are able to make just about every shape and sizes of curtains you could imagine, regardless of how weird or strange it may be.

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