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Car or auto upholstery in traditional sense refers to the seats of the vehicle, but that’s not all. Upholstery and upholstery repairs can be applied to almost all components of an automobile’s interior and in some cases even outside.

Some of the most common auto upholstery and upholstery repairs and or customization include:

Interior Carpets – Usually carpets are found on the floor of cars and trucks. In addition to the carpeting on the floor, you can also find carpeting in the trunk as well. Automotive carpets are extremely durable and stain resistant. However, the material will get damaged by wear and tear over time.

Seats – Car owners usually associate auto upholstery with the seats. The maintenance routine of the upholstery on the seats depends on the material which includes fabric, vinyl or leather.

Headliners – Located at the car’s ceiling, headliners are generally made from fabric. The supports frames around the roof are also fabric-covered. If your car is old, it’s common to find the headliners to be sagging, rippled or loose.

Auto UpholsteryConvertible Tops And Vinyl Roof Covers – Repairing or restoring convertible top fabric and frames and vinyl or canvas roof covers should only be done by experienced auto upholsterers. Usually, we see vinyl or canvas roof covers on some classic or modern luxury cars.

Dashboards – The dashboard is the most noticeable part of a car’s interior. Similar to convertible tops and vinyl roof covers, experienced auto upholsterers are needed to make repairs and fix any damaged portion.

Door panels – Doors and interior door panels are probably the most used as well as abused part of any vehicle. The upholstery on the doors and the doors panels are made of fabric or other materials and will wear or tear over time.

It is important that you clean the interior of your car clean and well-maintained because it will ensure the longevity of the upholstery.

What Do Auto Upholsterers Do?

Auto upholsterers, also sometimes called as trimmers or coach trimmers have been around since the introduction of motorized transportation. Back in the days, upholstery and other forms of fine, delicate interiors were strictly limited to horse-drawn carriages. However, with the advent of cars, many coach trimmers or upholsterers began working for the automobile industry by building customized interiors for car makers and wealthy clients. Today, auto upholsterers are now working from conventional cars to luxury cars to custom cars all over the world.

Depending on the expertise and experience, an auto upholsterer can perform various car upholstery repairs or other tasks such as:

Upholstery Replacement – We already mentioned that upholstery will get damaged over time and will require repairs or replacements. If the seat, carpet or interior trim of a car is beyond repairs, it needs to be replaced. Sometimes, clients will demand to redo their interior. In those situations, an expert and experienced auto upholsterer can repair or replace the entire upholstery of a vehicle. However, if only a small section or component of the upholstery needs repairs or replacements such as a damaged dashboard or seat, it is necessary the new material closely matches the existing material.

Upholstery Repair – In case of insignificant damages to the upholstery or components, experienced upholsterers can perform fixes for minor damages like burns, rips, and tears. Repairs can be done on seat covers and headliners and materials including plastic, leather, vinyl, fabric, and carpet.

Headliner Repair – The fabrics on headliners are held by using adhesives. For repairing damaged or sagged headliners, auto upholsterers are needed to take special steps.

Upholstery Restoration – Clients owning vintage or classic cars typically face issues when it comes to repairing or replacing their vehicle’s upholstery. As replacing the old upholstery with new ones isn’t always feasible. A talented upholsterer with expertise and experience in upholstering classic and vintage vehicles can be able to preserve and improve the upholstery.

Custom Upholstery – If you are looking for a custom, personalized look for your car, you can opt for installing custom upholstery. Custom upholstery ranges from custom embroidery to unique fabrics to exotic leathers and provides uniqueness and individuality to the vehicle. A talented auto upholsterer or interior specialist can perform this task.

Repairing And Replacing Convertible Tops And Fabric Roof Covers – Convertible tops or fabric roof covers are made from extremely durable and heavy-duty vinyl or canvas. The materials used in the upholstery are sturdy, waterproof, and long-lasting. However, the elements will take wreck its havoc on the upholstery over time. An auto upholsterer who specializes in convertible and fabric roof upholstery services can perform repair or replacements on these surfaces.

Boat and Marine Upholstery – The basics of the boat and marine upholstery is similar to auto upholstery, but a specialist marine upholsterer is needed to perform any repairs or replacements. The boat cockpits and interiors, and Bimini Tops or canvas covers are exposed to direct sunlight, UV rays, and water, which often degrade the upholstery. It is for this reason that the materials used to make the boat and marine upholstery should be highly durable, waterproof or water-resistant, and resistant to UV degradation.

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