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Vinyl tops or roof refers to a vinyl covering a car’s top. Vinyl tops were originally developed to give automobiles with a fixed roof to resemble convertibles. Eventually, it evolved into a category in its own right. Vinyl tops were particularly popular with American car buyers and they are considered as the hallmark of Detroit cars in the 1970s. Vinyl tops were also popular on European and Japanese automobiles in the 1970s; however, they were most prevalent in sports or luxury models of their standard sedan models.Vinyl Tops Conejo

The use of vinyl tops in automobile roofs goes back to the 1920s. Back then upholsterers used leather, canvas, and vinyl alongside landau bars to replicate the movable top of horse-drawn carriages. In the 1930s and 1940s, this technique was replaced with smoother, “envelope” bodies. However, to achieve this style the cars are required to have modern, integrated metal roofs. Automakers continued putting vinyl tops on their cars throughout the 1980s; however, the popularity of cars with vinyl roofs began to dwindle in the 1990s. The Lincoln Continental was one of the last mass produced cars that offered a vinyl top in 2002.

Today, vinyl tops only appear in hearse and limousine cars, not because it is fashionable or a design element, but for practical reasons. The vinyl tops are used to cover up the welded body seams that result when standard-sized sedans are stretched to create those particular types of vehicles. Car enthusiasts are also installing vinyl tops on their cars for customization purposes.

Styles of Vinyl Tops

There are primarily four styles of vinyl tops that were common during the 1960s and 1970s.

  1. Full Vinyl Tops – this is the most common style of vinyl tops. In this version, the vinyl covers the entire top of the car, including the C pillars. The windshield pillars may be or may not be covered. If there is a center sedan pillar exists, it is not covered, but there are exceptions. The full vinyl top is usually found on four-door models. Cars with full vinyl tops include 1972 Opel Diplomat B, 1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III, and 1970 Opel Commodore A.
  2. Halo Vinyl Tops – Halo vinyl tops are similar to full vinyl tops to the above. But in the halo style, the vinyl only covers the tops of the side windows and windshield. This creates an impression of “halo” painted metal sheet to appear between the vinyl and the glass area. Cars with halo vinyl tops include Ford LTD.
  3. Canopy Vinyl Tops – In this style, the vinyl covering is only found at the front half of the roof. In other words, the vinyl only covers two-thirds of the roof. The vinyl ends at the edge of the rear side windows. Cars with canopy vinyl tops include 1964 Chrysler 300K and 1973 Plymouth Duster.
  4. Landau Vinyl Tops – This style of vinyl tops is the exact opposite of canopy vinyl tops. In this style, the vinyl extends to the rear quarter or third of the roof, including the C pillars. The vinyl covering trails at the edge of the front or rear side windows. Cars with landau vinyl tops include Chrysler New Yorker, and Lincoln Continental Town Coupé, and Chrysler Fifth Avenue.

Conejo Auto Upholstery

Whether you own a classic or a modern car, we at Conejo Auto Upholstery can restore it to its original stage. Since our inception, we have focused on vinyl top installation, repair, and replacement of all kinds of classic and modern cars. All our auto upholsterers and technicians are specialists and have years of experience working on vinyl tops. So we proudly say we have the most skilled and experienced craftsman in the trade. You can be fully assured that the vinyl top of your automobile will be restored and crafted to the highest standards and to your specifications.

At Conejo Auto Upholstery, when it comes to vinyl tops upholstery materials we only use the finest materials by renowned upholstery materials retailers like E&G Classics, so you don’t have to worried about your vinyl top being damaged or worn out in a few years. Our vinyl tops upholstery will last for years to come. We have an extended collection of various vinyl top textures, patterns, and colors that will cater to your exact preferences. In addition to vinyl tops, we also offer our customers cloth tops which are more attractive and durable than vinyl tops. Vinyl tops, however, are more economical and relatively easy to clean and maintain. There are several seam options available including factory authentic, universal center, double french and many more. All of our vinyl tops come with premium polyester thread in all the seams for ultimate durability and strength.

At Conejo Auto Upholstery, we restore, repair, replace, and install new full, half, and quarter vinyl tops. Our expert upholsterers are capable of adding all the necessary accessories to your vinyl tops including custom embroidery, emblems, chrome moldings, opera lights, bindings, and sunroofs.  We will add a unique flair of styling to the current roof of your car which will set it apart from the rest.

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