Car headliner

When it comes to car upholstery, most refer to the car seats, but car upholstery is much more. Upholstery is seen in almost all components of a modern car’s interior. Carpets are used as upholstery material and are found on the floor and trunks of cars.  The upholstery used in cars and trucks are made from various materials including vinyl, leather, and fabric.

Car headliner Thousand oaksCarpets used in automobiles are stain resistant and durable than conventional carpets, but they will get damaged or fade over time. Upholstery is found on the car seats.  Car upholstery is seen on the dashboard which is probably the most recognized part of any vehicle’s interior setting. Doors and interior door panels of cars also have upholstery. In addition, there is upholstery in the headliners which is most cases made from fabric. The fabric on the headliners will sag, get rippled or become loose eventually. This is especially noticeable in older or classic cars.  It is essential that you maintain the upholstery in your car on a regular basis otherwise the materials that cover them will be damaged.

What Is A Car Headliner?

The headliner is the piece of padding and carpet attached to the ceiling inside the car. The headliner provides some level of insulation and noise reduction. This component is also used to hide the wiring, electrical connections, etc. inside the vehicle. The headliner is an essential component to give a nice, finished look and feel to a vehicle’s interior.  Back in 1974, most car headliners were made of fabric and vinyl. These types of headliners were later discontinued and manufacturers later adopted for the molded pressboard style headliner.

When Should I Replace My Car Headliner?

Car headliners can trap dirt, odors, and moisture. If you want your car to be cleaner, neater, and more pleasant driving experience, you may need to replace your headliner. We already mentioned that the fabric on the headliners will sag or become loose over time. This isn’t only an eyesore and annoying, but it can be potentially dangerous if it detaches itself from the roof and falls off completely while driving.

Headliners become saggy for two reasons. First, it is possible that the cardboard backing of the headliner can absorb moisture which will render it weak and loose. In addition to the cardboard backing, the foam will degrade over time and needs to be replaced. These issues are simple to fix. The rigid backing of the headliner should be replaced with ABS plastic which will not absorb moisture. The foam that is found at the backing of the headliner should be polymer-based. Polymer-based materials will not degrade.

Car Headliner Repair Cost

The cost of repairing or replacing your car headliner depends on the make and year of the vehicle. In addition to that, the repair cost also varies how long it takes to finish the task. This makes total sense. After all, who have thought the cost of repairing the headliner of VW Jetta will be the same as fixing the headliner of comparably sized Honda or Nissan headliner. In fact, headliner repair expenses of the VW Jetta are almost twice as expensive to the Honda or Nissan headliner.

Blame German engineering for it. This applies to all German-made cars, as the manufacturing processes of German cars are complex. According to technicians, VW doesn’t want people to repair or restore their headliners, they want car owners to buy and install a brand new one. There is no valid reason to replace your headliner when you can fix it. You only need it to be cleaned and restore it with new fabric. Unfortunately, this is not the case with German vehicles and most luxury cars. Repairing any components of German cars and other luxury cars will always cost more and take longer than most Asian or domestic cars.

Can I Install A Car Headliner Replacement Myself?

Although the headliner is not a technically complicated component of your car, for the most part, it can take some effort and plenty of patience to install a car headliner replacement all yourself. And for newer cars, the headliners have a lot of bells and whistles than older cars which will make replacing the fabric or installing a new headliner more complicated than it already it. We recommend you take help from professional and experienced auto upholsterers for any kind of headliner repairs or replacements.

Conejo Auto Upholstery

When it comes to your cars’ interior, it really annoying to see your headliner all loose and sagging. It does not only look depressing, but a saggy or loose headliner can also fall over your head while driving, obscuring your view and can cause serious accidents.  If you are having a problem with your car or truck’s headliner or need to replace or repair your headliner, then look no further than Conejo Auto Upholstery!

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